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Join 700+ professionals and parents learning from Tera Sumpter and one another as we get to the root of all learning: executive function.

Results from Week 1

“I’ve taken other continuing ed courses that focused on specific populations, but this information will help 100% of my caseload and myself! This course gave me practical and specific therapy ideas that could be implemented immediately.” -Kelly Morse, SLP

What I teach comes from hands-on experience with real clients every day in my speech-language pathology practice. It was developed in real life, and it works in real life. I teach techniques for developing executive function that you can take to your practice, classroom, or home from the very first week of learning. I also provide a practical research-based background that I’ve learned from the best minds in cognitive science today.

You’ll begin your journey in my 6-week learning cohort, The Roots of Executive Function. In the cohort, you’ll learn to identify and provide intervention support for the EF foundational skills: perception, attention, nonverbal working memory, verbal working memory, and inhibition.

I offer the Roots of Executive Function cohort twice a year. To promote focused and guided learning, I close community enrollment between cohorts. The next cohort starts June 29, 2024 (with an optional orientation week for new members starting June 22). 

Want to know more details? Check out the testimonials and what to expect below!

Community enrollment closes July 6 (until the next cohort), so act soon!

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Members Have Given It Rave Reviews! 

"This is course is better than a Master's degree!" -Jane Shomberg, SLP of over 30 years

“It has been my eureka moment - ‘I found it!’” –Cathy Cuellar, parent

"This has been the most useful class I have ever completed! I mean that sincerely! BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT!" -Lori Calvario, licensed social worker & school-based counselor

“Tera's community has been the secret ingredient I had been searching for." -Jessica Steffes, 1st grade teacher

“Far and away the most impactful continuing education opportunity I have ever experienced.” –Tara Glickman, SLP

"Tera's work has been instrumental in my work as a school psychologist!!" -Kenya, school psychologist and parent coach

“I've never been so captivated, empowered, impassioned, validated, or energized by any other single training in my career.” –Brandy Stork, SLP

“It's the first thing in a while that's really excited me about the field!” –Shannon @speechymusings

“I have worked in a high school for almost 10 years, and this is the missing piece I’ve been searching for.” –Kelly Morse, SLP

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Join for $47.99/month

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Are you a college or grad student? Check out the student discount.

The Cohort:  What to Expect

The Seeds of Learning® Community is an ideal blend of structured learning with flexible, community-supported practice. 

It All Begins with the Roots

You’ll start your time in the community in the Roots of Executive Function learning cohort. The Roots of Executive Function learning cohort is a six-week intensive that covers these foundational executive function skill sets and therapy techniques to support them:

  • Perception 

  • Attention 

  • Nonverbal working memory

  • Verbal working memory

  • Inhibition

Each week of the cohort, expect to spend about three hours on:

  • Material to read and watch on your own time. (The reading material is printable. However, the videos are not downloadable, so you’ll need to be online to watch them.)

  • A Zoom presentation and Q&A with me. (Recordings available within 24 hours.)

  • A guided journal to help reinforce and practice what you’ve learned. (The journal is provided as a printable PDF and is exclusive to community members.)

  • Message board Q&A (I’ll ask questions to prompt learning, and you can ask me questions any time as well!)

  • A blend of research with therapeutic application.

By the time you’ve gone through the Roots of Executive Function cohort, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain what the executive function system is and what it does.

  • Explain the executive function skills that comprise the roots of the system.

  • Identify student needs in the areas of perception, attention, verbal and nonverbal working memory and inhibition.

  • Support attention, perception, working memory and inhibition using evidence and research-based intervention techniques.

As long as you’re part of the community, you’ll have access to the Roots of Executive Function cohort to go back and review any time.

The next Roots of Executive Function learning cohort starts June 29, 2024, with an optional orientation week for new members starting June 22.

Community enrollment closes July 6 (until the next cohort), so act soon!

"You will not regret joining this community.  In fact, it just may be the game changer you are seeking. Don't give the sign up a second thought, just do it." -Brenda Talbot Benko, SLP

Join for $47.99/month

Check out the student discount

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“I'm an SLP, but I joined the Summer Cohort as a mom. It exceeded my (very high) expectations! Every day I use one of Tera's techniques either directly or indirectly to help my kids. ‘Thank you’ doesn't even begin to cut it!” –Kaitlin Alfermann, parent and SLP

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Learning Doesn’t Stop When the Cohort is Over

Have you ever taken a course or attended a seminar and gone back to your day-to-day practice all fired up, only to find yourself confused or overwhelmed by the real problems you encounter? Often, the real learning begins after the course is over, when you have a chance to make the knowledge your own through everyday application. In speech-language pathology, we call this carryover, the point where what you learn in therapy carries over into everyday life. We want successful carryover. And if we want it for our students, shouldn’t we also want it for ourselves?

If you want to keep learning after the cohort, the community of practice will focus on the higher-level executive functions skills like initiation, time sense, pacing, self-monitoring, self-modulation, planning, organization, prioritizing and more, as well as application of what was learned during the cohort. If you're done after the cohort, no worries! You can cancel your membership any time with a simple click of a button. 

I don’t just offer a course. I offer a Community of Practice. The Seeds of Learning® Community is a place where hundreds of people are working together on applying what they’ve learned in their own unique ways. It’s a place for questions and tips and new challenges. It’s a place to share and laugh and grow together. No matter where you are in the process, you carry Seeds of Learning® with you in an app on your phone. You can ask me questions on our community message boards any time from anywhere. And you’ll get wisdom from other people on the same journey. I learn new things from Seeds of Learning® members every day!

There are also additional courses like the literacy network, specialty office hour presentations, and topical reference materials and therapy resources available for you to do a deeper dive based on the specific needs you encounter as you apply what you’ve learned.

Community enrollment closes July 6 (until the next cohort), so act soon!

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Where You’ll End Up

Let’s envision where the community can take you: 

  • Dynamically assessing clients and students for all levels of executive function needs.

  • Crafting intervention activities that target specific executive function skills.

  • Feeling empowered by finally being able to identify and provide supports for your students’ root-cause needs.

  • Confidently integrating executive function intervention into your students' speech, language, literacy, writing, social pragmatic, and other areas of need.

  • Teaching your colleagues and others about executive function and the role it plays in childhood learning.

All along the way, you’ll be supported by me and by a community of professionals and parents who are learning and growing alongside you.

Don’t worry, if all you know is that the term “executive function” is something you want to learn more about, you are in the right place! Our community is for all levels, supporting one another from beginners to EF specialists.

“Tera’s online learning community is one-of-a-kind, peer driven, expert led, career transforming.” -Erin Shim, SLP

Community enrollment closes July 6 (until the next cohort), so act soon!

Join for $47.99/month

Check out the student discount

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything NOT included in the standard membership? Graduate credit is available for an additional $235 total. This is available as an optional add-on after you join the community. Everything else in the community is included with every membership!

Does this count for my ASHA requirements? SLPs: You can earn certificates of completion for each of the 6 modules, for a total of 18 hours. You just have to pass a short quiz for each module, and we'll send you the documentation. You can use those hours as professional development hours (PDHs) to fulfill ASHA requirements. ASHA-approved CEUs are not available. You can learn more about PDHs on ASHA's website

I participated in a previous cohort. Can I join this one? Absolutely! We all do better with a little review. Plus, it’s a whole new set of people to learn from.

Can I get a PDF course description for my district/employer? Yes! Follow this link to download a course description PDF.

Community enrollment closes July 6 (until the next cohort), so act soon!

Join for $47.99/month

Check out the student discount

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