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About Me, Tera Sumpter

I am a wife, mother of three, author of the internationally selling book The Seeds of Learning, international presenter, and Speech-Language Pathologist with specialized experience in the areas of reading, executive function and the interconnected cognitive nature of learning disabilities. I founded my private practice—Seeds of Learning, LLC—in 2011. I am an international presenter on cognitive processing and executive function, and former adjunct professor of Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism in the Cleveland State University’s Speech and Hearing Program. I was a medical Speech-Language Pathologist in both inpatient and outpatient hospital settings before founding Seeds of Learning LLC. Having worked with children in medical and therapeutic settings since 2001, I understand the special needs that children and their families encounter when faced with learning difficulties. I am committed to providing the highest quality treatment to children, as well as educating and empowering families and professionals.

Why You Should Join Seeds of Learning®

From years of clinical experience and research analysis as well as hands-on experience in my practice, I've developed a simple therapy methodology for addressing executive function in speech, language, literacy, pragmatics and other educational and social settings.

I am excited to present and teach my method through the Seeds of Learning® Community. The community presents opportunities to practice my method and learn directly from me alongside other professionals and parents in a safe learning environment.  You can cancel your membership at any time with a click of a button in your settings. Membership includes:

  • Weekly live Q&A events on Zoom where I field any and all questions about executive function
  • 100+ hours of recordings from past Office Hour sessions
  • 7 self-paced course modules of material about executive function and how it relates to speech, language, literacy, pragmatics and other educational and social settings including the following topics:
    • perception
    • attention
    • inhibition
    • flexibility
    • verbal working memory
    • nonverbal working memory
    • initiation
    • self-monitoring
    • self-correcting
    • self-modulation
    • time sense
    • pacing
    • execution
    • anticipating
    • analyzing
    • comparing/contrasting
    • generating
    • planning
    • prioritizing
    • balancing
    • organizing
    • decision making
  • Option to earn 1 graduate credit for completing course material. (Additional costs apply.) 
  • One bonus module on the literacy network including therapy videos
  • Access to any active learning cohorts
  • A resource library of the proprietary material I have developed for use in my own practice including my EF Questionnaire, 45-page EF Observational Assessment Workbook, Reflexive Questioning handouts, Teacher and Parent Informational Sheets, sample goal banks and reports and more
  • A resource library of recommended books and resources on executive function for additional educational opportunities
  • Access to a community of hundreds of professionals and parents from over 20 countries interested in learning more about executive function. Connect with and learn from other people in your field!

Don't Just Take My Word for It

Here's what Seeds of Learning® members have to say:

"Being a part of Tera's community has been far and away the most impactful continuing education opportunity I have ever experienced. She strikes the perfect balance between foundational theory and immediately actionable assessment and therapy techniques. Learning in this community has made me an exponentially more effective therapist in a short amount of time.

 "Also, office hours are fun, casual and low pressure as well as extremely powerful learning opportunities.

 "Honestly, if you read Tera's social media posts and find yourself wanting to know more... just join! This is how to get the answers!!"

 -Tara Glickman, SLP

"This has been the most useful class I have ever completed! I mean that sincerely!! I'm a licensed social worker in Pennsylvania, employed as a school-based counselor and have hit so many road blocks with the students assigned to me (K-5). | KNEW I was missing something about their "foundations" that was making it difficult to move through behaviors and choices. Who knew reflexive questioning was the answer??? THIS IS HUGE and I will be taking it with me for life. My time spent watching your videos, reading the material, and creating a binder to use in therapy sessions is the BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT! You are on to an idea that should/will change how we teach children. The information is useful to all who are interested in changing their approach when interacting with people. Thank you so much!"

-Lori Calvario, Licensed Social Worker

"Joining Tera's Mighty Network and reading her book, has been the best investment that I have made for myself, both as a mom and as a clinician. I have been an SLP for 10 years and this has transformed the way I conduct evaluations, write reports/goals, and run my therapy sessions. It has changed the way I see my students and how I am able to truly meet their needs. can now meet them where they are, which is what I thought I had been doing for all these years.

"This school year has been especially challenging, but joining Tera's Mighty Network has gotten me through it with a new set of skills to bring to the table. Using visualizing, planning and navigating reflexive questioning have all been game changers in my therapy room. The group of people on the zooms are truly amazing. I've only been able to attend a couple of the live zooms, but watch all the replays and feel like I know this remarkable group of SLPs, teachers, psychologists, and moms! Having so many different backgrounds in one place to share ideas and learn in a no-judgment environment is priceless! I truly love being part of this community."

-Megan Eide, MS, CCC-SLP

"I have learned more in these past few months of membership in the community than I have learned in the 15 years of searching for the appropriate therapy  for my child. It has been my Eureka moment - "I found it!" I've learned how important EF is to speech, especially pragmatics, scaffolding his therapy, and the importance of child-centered planning. It's been life-altering therapy for my son and myself."

-Cathy Cuellar, parent

"I just joined [Seeds of Learning®] a couple months ago so still working my way through it all! And I've got to tell you, it really is GREAT! It's the first thing in a while that's really excited me about the field!"

-Shannon, @speechymusings

"I had been working as an SLP for over 30 years when I discovered Tera and the Seeds of Learning Community. Weekly Office Hours led by Tera and some of her awesome SLP’s have been invaluable. She not only answers your questions, but teaches all of the material in the Self-Guided Practicum. You will become part of an extraordinary group of clinicians from around the world. I am inspired by each and every one of them. We share therapy ideas, fascinating books to read and important information regarding executive functioning. Tera Sumpter and the Seeds of Learning family have reignited my love for this field. I look forward to going to work every day and using what I have learned with my students. This is better than any Master’s program!"

-Jane Shomberg, SLP

'I've never been So captivated, empowered, impassioned, validated, or energized by any other single training in my career. I can not recommend Tera's community, resources, or trainings enough."

-Brandy N. Stork, SLP, @the_emphasis_project

Group Discounts Available

To help out private practice owners and school districts, I offer a discount for anyone purchasing an annual plan for five or more people.

Email [email protected] about setting up a group plan.